DRS Associates, Inc. is the national branch of our local business, Metro Doctors Group, which operates in Texas and Colorado.

In 2005, DRS/Metro Doctors Group formed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, marketing medical doctors for other healthcare practitioners. For the most part, family practice doctors do not see automobile accident patients due to possible litigation issues. So for the past 13 years, thousands of family practice doctors have given out our telephone number to patients whom they cannot help. In turn, we send them to one of our dozens of doctors who cares for automobile accident victims and files on automobile insurance.

All of our doctors specialize in musculoskeletal injuries. They offer thorough physical examinations, often do x-rays right in their office, and work closely with other healthcare practitioners to guarantee patients the highest quality care possible. While DRS/Metro Doctors Group does not work with attorneys, most of our doctors do, and if necessary, they can assist you in connecting with legal assistance.

So what exactly is our national branch (DRS)? Glad you asked! Through DRS Associates, Inc., you can now operate this amazing business in your city! Contact us and we’ll send you detailed information about how you might become an affiliate of our company.

We look forward to speaking with you!